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My 3 Favourite Vintage Pieces: with Tigers Eye Owner Grace Avery

Welcome to the first installment of 'My 3 Favourite Vintage Pieces'. We're going to be kicking off the series with our very own Tigers Eye owner, Grace, and finding out which pieces will never leave her wardrobe!

My Three Favourite Vintage Pieces: with Tigers Eye Owner Grace Avery

1. I got these cream boots at a flea market in France when i was with my best friend Lucie. I think they cost me 2 euros and i literally wore them to death from the minute i handed over my money. Currently, they sit in my wicker shelving unit in my bedroom as i've been too lazy to go and get them re-heeled. Plus, it seems mad to me to spend £30 to fix them when they cost me so little. But i still can't bear to give up on them yet so when i finally get around to taking them to my local cobbler, i know for sure they won't leave my feet again. Well, till the next time they need a visit to my shoe man.

 2. This waistcoat is a newer addition to my personal wardrobe. Again, i bought it at a flea market and paid way more than i would usually spend at a flea market - 15 euros. Yes it has some missing stones but that knocked me 5 euros off the original asking price and it really doesn't bother me at all. But as soon as i saw it i knew i had to get it! It's a deeply rich, black suede with conchos and beads and gem stones dotted all over the front. Plus, it's a halter neck which i love! It's just the perfect addition to any of my vintage band tees.

3. Lastly, is this stunning bralet which i actually bought off my best friend, Lucie, just before she moved to France. She has this incredible talent for being able to find the most unique and pretty vintage pieces. This top was actually from her own vintage collection so i snapped it up when she was selling her life on depop before moving. But it's come to mean alot to me and is one of those sentimental pieces i will treasure. Those of you who have followed Tigers Eye for a while will know that Lucie and i used to run the business together. So even though we'd been selling vintage together for years, this top was the very first vintage piece i had bought from her (along with quite a few other bits i'd been eyeing up). Everytime i see it it reminds me i have the best person ever as my friend. FYI, she is now selling vintage over at, so i suggest you head over there now - trust me, you won't regret it!

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