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Making Friends Through A Love Of Vintage

It may sound strange but I've been lucky enough to make some awesome friends through vintage. One of my now besties, Anna Houghton (@annajanehoughton), is only that because we followed each other on Instagram for at least a year before finally meeting in person.

Admiring someone's style doesn't have to be just that; we are so lucky nowadays to have the internet as a means of networking - if you feel like someone online could be a potential bestie - hit them up!

This entire adventure working with Tigers Eye became a reality through sharing my love of vintage on my YouTube channel and they contacted me to collaborate - of course I jumped at the chance - later down the line I was looking for work experience as part of my second year at uni and I'm still working with them today. Oh, how I love the internet sometimes!

This passion for vintage has also lead me into the buying/selling realm myself on Depop (@dreamboatvintage) and I've started doing the odd vintage fair which is such an easy way to make friends, you get chatting to all sorts of people and all with their own unique stories to share.

Myself and Anna's stall at a recent vintage fair in Liverpool.

If anyone out there is gazing at someone's Instagram or seeking opportunities in fashion, social media is your middle man for making friends and contacts for life - get on it!

I hope this has inspired you to send that DM! 

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    hey some people think me and my friends are weird because we dont wanna belong to this generation we are 15 and we are old souls.

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    Love bohemian even hippie. Been creating a lot of likewise clothing too and excessories for my creations

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