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How To Get Sh*t Done: A Lazy Girls Guide To Motivation

We've all been there.... You have a never-ending list of to-dos but instead of crossing them off like a good girl you end up binge watching your current Netflix addiction. Or , if you're like me, you actually convince yourself that going through your sock drawer must be done right away with the highest of priorities even though you've got wayyyyy more important stuff to be doing like tax returns.

Well i may not be the most motivated of people when it comes to mind-numbingly boring tasks but i have come across a few tips that help me to get my shit done when i don't wanna!


1. Motivation Does Not Exist

We always hear about how people are so motivated to go out to the gym or work late hours. But really, when has anyone ever really been motivated to do something they don't wanna do? This is where the idea of motivation fucks up - it's never there when you actually need it. You don't need to be motivated to do something you enjoy cause you'll do it anyway. So once you realise that motivation doesn't really exist you will stop blaming yourself for not having it, which is one less thing to stress out and worry about. 

2. Count Down From Five

This sounds ridiculously easy but counting down from five gives you a chance to mentally prepare yourself whilst also having a definite conclusion. Once you get to zero there's nowhere to go to and it means it's time to get on with you task. If you count upwards from the number one you can end up counting indefinitely with no end in sight and, let's face it, you wont get anything done. There's science to back up this theory, named the '5-second rule' by Mel Robbins who has a tedTalk on this subject which you can watch here. The 21 minute and 39 seconds long video is packed full of wisdom and one of the most watched tedTalks out there!

3. Imagine Tomorrow

If all else fails, i find myself asking the question 'How am i gonna feel tomorrow if i still have this hanging over my head?'. Usually the answer to that question is so dismal and crushing that i suck it up and just get on with it. 

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