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The Intern Life | Life

Working at Tigers Eye has been a blast - each week brought new tasks and challenges and I can honestly say I loved every one - Grace and Lucie are lovely and the TE philosophy is everything I stand for and believe in for a fashion business.

It’s surprising how much I’ve learned over 5 weeks. I thought I was pretty up to speed with the social media side to business but there’s much more to it than you'd think. All of the lil tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way will for sure help me in hopefully growing my own business and set me on the right track in the magical world of vintage fashion.

My fave part of the internship was shooting lookbooks in photo and video form, as this is something I love doing anyway for my YouTube channel and as a hobby. It was fab getting a room full of clothes to raid and pick out my fave pieces to feature in the series - I can’t wait to get shooting for the TE girls again! 

Check out the Summer ’16 outfit series on YouTube HERE 

I’ve loved being a part of the Tigers Eye girl gang and have been invited to carry on working with them over the coming months, so keep ‘em peeled for future collaborations.

If anyone reading this is considering interning for a short period to gain some experience within the field of fashion I would definitely recommend doing so! I reached out to Tigers Eye myself and I’m so glad I did - if there’s a company you have in mind that you’d love to work for don’t wait around ’til there’s a search ‘cause they’d probably love the extra help and additional brain waves from an outside source.

Thanks for the ride girls, it’s been a dream and I look forward to working with you more and for what is yet to come for Tigers Eye!

The full photo lookbook I shot for Tigers Eye can be found HERE and you can check out my photography page HERE 

Wearing Tigers Eye, duh!

Carrie-Anne x 

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