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7 Women To Inspire You | Life

1. Its gotta be Queen B. Beyonce is someone we've looked up to for years, her inspiring music, body image and family life is all something to make us work a bit harder in our own life. From the Destiny's Child years letting us know us girls can be strong together to her solo work with political views that get us thinking to just putting on a badass girl gang Superbowl performance. We love you B.


2. Sophia Amoruso aka GIRL BOSS. Anyone who want's to be empowered in the retail world will probably have read Amoruso's book #GIRLBOSS - yes we have too. Reading her story from her humble beginnings gives you a great insight into how to be a female in a man's world. A great read for entrepreneurs and women across the world. She has paved the way for women to be able to create a multi-million pound buisness just from doing what you love.


3. Drew Barrymore.

If you were born anytime in the 80's then you've probably grown up with her movies. From E.T to Never Been Kissed, we have become women while watching Drew act. She has struggled though life's ups and downs but is now one of the most inspiring women we could look up to. Her love of flowers, life and spreading love is what we are all about and man we just want her hair. Yes please!



4. Emmeline Pankhurst.

If you didn't fall asleep in History class then you may know of Emmeline and her fight for women's rights in the UK. Born in Manchester (hey home girl) she rallied the Women's Franchise League and later the Women's Social and Political Union to get equal rights for women in terms of voting, divorce and political matters. So thank you Emmeline, we can now be stronger from your fight and boy we will continue to be strong women on your behalf.


5. JK Rowling.

We love Harry Potter and spent our school years growing up with Harry, Ron and Hermione and this is all thanks to Rowling's strength to continue her dream and write the books that we love so much even through the stuggles she had in her life. Hands up who watched the docu-film at Christmas....? Yes she signed the book off as JK so no one would know she was a female writer, but if anything its a massive f*** you to everyone who thought female writers cannot write incredible literature or who wouldn't read it if you knew it was 'Joanne' who wrote it.


6. Rosa Parks.

Another history lesson here, Rosa Parks was one of the first females to stand up for Black rights when asked to give up her seat to a white person in 1955. She was a strong figure during the Civil Rights Movement and we can only look up to people who stand up for what's right in the face of power. For us today, we can inspire each other to not follow in what we are told is 'right' and to stand up for equal rights for everyone.

7. The Spice Girls. Yes its an odd one but The Spice Girls though their platform shoes, outlandish behaviour and slightly inappropriate song lyrics they shouted out about 'girl power' and being yourself and empowering your fellow females. That's all for now, let us know of any women who have inspired you - just tweet us @shoptigerseye.

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