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12 Things To Do This Holiday Season | Life

The holiday season is upon us and we love getting festive as, let's face it, winter in England is pretty awful without the festivities. Work your way through our list of things to do or if you wanna go full throttle, do it all in one day! And remember, spread the love, shop local and enjoy it.

1. Curl up in your duvet with a hot chocolate and your favourite book/movie.

2. Make a festive playlist and crank it everytime you start to feel those holiday blues.

3. Spend time with family/friends.

4. Don't spend a fortune! The holidays aren't about spending loads of money so keep it in perspective and avoid that gift guilt.

5. Make mince pies! Check out Tigers Eye owner Lucie's handy video for making vegan ones here!

6. Help someone out. Whether it's buying a coffee and sandwich for the homeless guy you walk past every day or volunteering for a local charity.

7. Smile. At your friends, strangers and everywhere you go. You never know whose day you might brighten.

8. Treat yourself - we've got free standard uk shipping on all orders through 21st December.

9. Make a list of every happy memory you have from 2015 and take the time to appreciate those moments.

10. Watch "Elf"

11. Get crafty. The internet is full of DIY pressies and decorations.

12. Go to your local Christmas markets and drink up the atmosphere, along with some mulled wine.

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