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Our Fave Music From Movies | Music

1. The Virgin Suicides 1999

This has to be one of our all time favourite movies and favourite books too. If you didn't know it was a book, go read the book. That's all we can say. It is a beautiful Sophia Coppola film with the most insane shots and equally magical soundtrack. With classic tunes but also interesting choices such as Playground Love by Air, this is a soundtrack that has been on our itunes for like.. forever. Love.

2. Death Proof 2007

Most of Quentin Tarantino's films can be put up there along with our other favourites, along with most of their soundtracks too. There is just something so damn good about Death Proof that meant it made it into this list. The music is so fitting and is classic Tarantino with the Western old skool vibes. 'Hold Tight' by Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich was our car song for a long time. I don't know how that works with the whole crash scene that song plays in....... Plus the fact that the end of this movie is a group of girls beating up the man who was trying to kill them, I mean hello, girl power and all that. Hell Yes!!!!

3. Django 2012

Ok, I couldn't help myself. Another Tarantino film has made this list. Am I the only person who sometimes forgets that this is a QT film...? Well it is so damn good and I was one of those people who downloaded the soundtrack and then went around singing 'DJANGOOOO DJANGOOO'. It is a strange but oddly catchy and bold soundtrack that you really do want to listen to long after you have watched and re-watched the film many times. Thanks Quentin for another magical film.

4. Empire records 1995

This is one of those late night 'what do I watch on Netflix?' random movie finds. It has Liv Tyler in it which I always find a bit weird and is basically weird teens working in a record store. They dance around, sing and play the drums. It's all a bit strange but I secretly enjoyed it and when the owner person goes and plays AC/DC 'If You Want Blood' on the drums mentally, I immediately went to try and find the song as damn it was good! It has classics like Edwyn Collins 'Girl Like You' and all sorts in so expect to be bobbing your head as you watch it.

5. Juno 2007

Don't judge us for being all arty farty, indie loving weirdos. Juno is good. I downloaded the soundtrack and spent my days learning 'All I Want Is You' and "Anyone Else But You' on the guitar. It was one of 'those' soundtracks. But it is fun, pretty and cute and so is the film which has a truly good story and would totally recommend watching it.



Hopefully this will inspire you to watch one of these if you haven't before. Comment below with some of your favourite movie soundtracks, we would love to give them a listen.

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